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3 min readOct 4, 2021


Just watch a movie about a person who really like to do gamble.

Suddenly i imagine how a country can be a rich or even poverty.

Let is talk about a city. Let’s name the city is A city. Imagine 1 city has 1 person. This person has family, consist of his wife, his mother, and his 5 children and all of the still minor. In the other hand, He is really addicted with gamble. Everyday he really like to do gamble. Sometime he win and mostly he fail. He fail is not because he play and then straignforward to fail. But when he play and then win, he keep playing to hope he will get more money.

There is someday he make a lot of money from gambling. But in other days, he fail and even have dept to try win the game on gambling.

What happen next? he try to borrow money to his family, ask money to his mother, his wife, and even ask money to the dept agency. Until he has very huge dept that he can not pay back anymore.

Now, who do you think will be hurt in here? do you think only he will be in difficult situation to handle this problem? Well, not just him. Of course entire of his family will have problem to for this. Moreover, he also need to look after his 5 children.

Well, from this story, I just want to tell, basically 1 country can be a poor country not always because the something srong in the government. Even of course goverment has big role to make a country to be a better way. However, there is also a factor, a country could be poor and difficult to be develop because of the behaviour of general citizen who probably make a country difficult to be develop to be a better way.

Back to the story above. Imagine if 1 city consists of 100 families. and 80 of them has 1 man who really addicted with gamble? And imagine if 1 country has 10000 cities. What do you think will happen with this country?

Now, let rollback the story. Image if there is 1 man has 1 family like above. Has well educated, well manner and have good job which enough to make his family alive. and imagine if all family has at least this condition in a city. And imagine again if a country consist of 10000 cities has people in city like this? How do you think this country will be? Probably this country will be less of violent.

And it is also same as if we look about some lack of human. Not just about gambling. A family can be in difficulty economy situation if they has family member who quite dishonest when work, not dicipline or even lazy. People can easily change…



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