Cloud Computing

Basically, I really exited to build a website. I have several experience to build a website using several programme language. I used to create website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and so on. I learned step by step to create it. From static website until dinamic website. Until in the end I know that Cloud Computing has significant role to make website more interesing and easier to use by user and so to processes or save the certain data.

“Unexciting” was my first Impression about Cloud Computing. I was thinking cloud computing is difficult to understand and something boring and not important. But, the opinion was changed when I was in one the library, and I tried to learn about Cloud Computing. By learn the Cloud computing, I understand that Cloud Computing has incredible role to make website is easier to access by user in many platform.

The first thing that I did when I learned about Cloud Computing was trying to understand what is the concept and structure and all about that related with this object. There are several thing that developer should know and understand before create a website using cloud computing. They are the infrastructure of cloud, configuration of each component. And the important thing, how to code it.

By understanding that, it helped me to figured out what I should do to create a platform. And I can know how powerful cloud computing to create a website. Simply, we need the server. If we create the website using java, we will need tomcat as the server, and we need to configure it. Then, we need to create database. For the datastore, I used to use MySQL. Later on, we need to configure the MySQL with the local database.

After that, we can start to build the framework. There are several framewrok to build the website. For several cases, I used Spring MVC. For me Spring MVC is easy to understand, and it is so sistematical.


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